Colour Blocking in Interiors – Infographic

It’s so much fun adding to the interiors of your home. With the advent of Pinterest and Instagram, it’s an ongoing hobby for people to curate their favourite looks. While some of these looks might not be attainable right away, people like to dream and work towards those goals. Pinterest, Instagram and other social media tools have allowed people to create their dream look. Trends are huge in fashion but they also appear strongly in interiors and décor. People’s tastes vary greatly in interiors just like they do in fashion so while some people like a modern aesthetic, others favour a vintage inspired home. It really is a personal taste. It can be overwhelming if you wish to update your home all in one go so that’s why it’s important to break things down into smaller projects. Your wallet will thank you!

Colour Blocking in Interiors - Infographic

Colour Blocking in Interiors – Infographic

Smaller projects can be really fun and also allow you to create like pocket areas in your home – think about adding a cute reading nook under your stairs? Who wouldn’t love that to be added to their home! Colour blocking in interiors can sound a little daunting but it doesn’t need to be! You can take baby steps with it and test it out on a small section of the home.

Maybe begin with painting a feature wall in a nice and bright colour, you’ll be shocked at how the addition of a new colour can really make a difference in your abode. And this interiors update doesn’t need to cost a fortune!

Colour Blocking in Interiors – Infographic

The guys from EZ Living Interiors have put together this infographic below that outlines how to achieve a colour blocked look in your home. While you might not want to try all of these suggestions, some or all may suit and it will be fun to try them out! The graphic also takes things back to basics by explaining the colour wheel and how it works. It also breaks the home down into sections in order for you to consider carefully where you could work on your colour blocking. You might even have some existing furniture at home that you can re-arrange or you might have some spare paint that hasn’t been used that could be used in the project! Check out the full graphic below for all the tips and advice.

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