How to decorate my house for christmas 2019

1. Clean the house

How to decorate my house for christmas 2019

How much Christmas trinkets and ornaments are placed to beautify the home decoration will not be meaningful if the house is still dirty and dusty. Before creating creativity with typical Christmas decorations, invite the whole family to clean the house. Divide tasks according to the abilities of each family member, such as who will sweep the yard and inside the house, clean dust, mop, paint walls that have begun to peel, and other cleaning activities.

2. Prepare the Christmas Ornaments

All family members can gather to talk about any ornaments that will be prepared to decorate the living room, family room, table and walls. Not having to buy new trinkets, making it yourself with equipment available at home is also an alternative to familiarizing your family. As we know that the celebration of Christmas is identical with these two colors, namely red and green. So, don’t forget to prepare equipment, trinkets, and other decorations that represent these two colors. For example, like table cloths, pillowcases, sofas, carpets, or flower vases. If you want to add other colors, white, brown, or gold will add to the lively home decor.

3. Arrange Room Lighting Decoration

The existence of a beautiful Christmas decoration lights can also beautify the look of the room. Encourage families to express their opinions on what lighting would be attractive and good to put at home. Whether the lights are colorful twinkles, small candle-shaped lamps, or beautiful upright lamps installed in the corner of the room.

4. Decorate a Christmas Tree

This is an activity that awaits all family members. If you already have an evergreen tree or artificial tree for decorating the room, we only need to together assemble it and attach ornament ornaments that beautify the appearance of the tree. Like a string of flowers, lights or star-shaped lights at the top of the tree. However, if there is no Christmas tree, don’t worry. We can together make our own Christmas tree in accordance with the creativity of family members. Surely this Christmas tree is more touching because it is the work of his own hands.

5. Special Christmas present

No need expensive gifts, which are important for every family member to impress. Previously prepare a gift exchange game by means of each family member taking a roll of names. The name taken is the person who will be given a Christmas gift. Then everyone is given time to prepare these special gifts, for example whether the gifts are handmade or the gifts that were purchased. Then all the presents are wrapped in the same wrapping paper and placed under the Christmas tree to complete the Christmas decorations. When Christmas Eve arrives, all family members can gather, share experiences that have been passed for a year and tell what moments are most memorable. Then it can be closed by opening a Christmas present with the family.

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