The Best Designed Student Accommodation in the UK?

I recently came across your blog Home Design and loved the content; you feature some great projects that caught my eye as they are similar to some of the recent projects we have completed.

Student Cribs are the largest provider of private accommodation in the UK for university students, and we regularly acquire and transform tired properties into high-spec student accommodation. What sets us apart from the market is our properties are all HMOs or cluster flats, making each project truly unique (very different from PBSAs!).

I wanted to share a recent project we have completed and that we are very proud of and would love if you are interested in featuring it on your site. We are more than happy to share further details, images, and anything else that you would like to know! We could also write a feature piece highlighting our recent works, if this is easier.





This project comprising 31 1-bedroom flats and studios captures an Urban Modern style, with a blend of contemporary work evoking the aesthetically pleasing flat. The open space, and original Victorian sash windows elaborate the ambiance and mood of the flat.  The bedroom filled with an assortment of wood, fashioning an alluring and heart-warming feeling. The turn-around time for this project was just under 1-month, which makes the project even more interesting for readers. Here’s some more images of one of our favourite flats in the project:

If you think your readers might be interested in this project and you would like to feature it, please do let me know. We’d be really proud to see this project featured on Home Design.



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